Friday, July 08, 2005

Another Movie Review : War of the Worlds

Now this is true science fiction...adapted from one of the best known science fictions works of all time, War of the Worlds is a well-made movie that diverts away from the "yee-haw", cowboy attitude that has been prevalent towards "alien-attack" movies in american cinema...where the heroes come in to save the world and then ride into the proverbial sunset with the girls ! Yes, I am talking about that travesty on rational thought - Independance Day ! ( Aliens mastered space travel, but then couldn't set up a secure wireless network ? Also, how about the fact that their OS's are prone to "alien" viruses !!! But all of than ranting for another day )

This movie shows the attitudes and fears and apprehensions of real people( yes...they exist...even in America...look around you ! )...their shortcomings, their single-mindedness...and Tom Cruise puts in a credible performance...without his usual cocky attitude, as a real, flawed human being, a failed father and someone who is just scared the hell out of his wits.

As countless movie reviews have already written, the performance to watch out for is Tim Robbins ! He can scare you witless...he's on screen for just a short time...maybe 20 mins, but that's the most haunting sequence of all !

Of course Steven Spielberg mut put out some kind of "social message" in his movies...this time it's his suBtle take on post-911...when the aliens start attacking, the kids ask..." it the terrorists?" commments on that one.

What I liked best about the movie, was the, I won't give it away here...just was impressed with the way Speilberg didn't mess around much and decided to give "science fiction" a chance...( why the quotes around "science fiction" ? out for another post ! ;) )

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