Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Work ? Leisure ? Hard to say...

That is, of course, due to the fact that I was in Las Vegas attending MEDC 2006! Microsoft Research was kind enough to pick up my tab, and I should say, it was a fantastic experience...why? Well, here are my top reasons...
  • Its Las Vegas !
  • It was an embedded and mobile devices conference...all the gadgets on display were supercool !
  • I got to talk to the folks who developed various Microsoft products, like Vista, Tablet PC, Origami, Win CE, etc.
  • I liked the concept of the hands-on labs that they had set up.
  • Did I mention that it was in Vegas ?
  • I got to meet this guy, who was an expert in not just the tablet PC and hand held devices, but also in C++ and its new managed extensions, C++/CLI. Finally, I got an insight into the managed C++ world...the new forum being pushed by Lippman and co.
  • Oh yes, the venue for the conference was the Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas !
  • The icing on the cake...I managed to win an Ultra Mobile PC (or Origami as the project is also called) in a lucky draw ! It has generated nothing short of oohs and aahs everytime someone catches sight of it...and I have not held back in letting people know of my good fortune !
My pics from the trip...

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