Monday, November 27, 2006

Sushi Police on their way...

Apparently when Japan's Agriculture minister, Toshikatsu MATSUOKA, visited Colorado on a business visit, he stepped into a well-known Japanese restaurant to get a taste of what he was missing back home - sushi. He was horrified when he saw the menu, for he found...

...something he considered a high culinary crime -- sushi served on the same menu as Korean-style barbecued beef.

"Such a thing is unthinkable," he said. "Call it what you will, but it is not a Japanese restaurant."

Apparently restaurants around the world that advertise themselves as being Japanese, are more along the lines of "Asian Fusion". To counter this, the Japanese government has launched a programme to offer official seals of approval on restaurants that are deemed to be "pure Japanese".

Italy and Thailand are also going along similar lines, to "purify" what they consider an insult to their national pride.


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Anonymous said...

I am a Japanese student who lives in Orlando, FL. I think many people misunderstood the concept of sushi police. If the rest's sign says Japanese Rest, then it has to be authentic Japanese rest. If it is a fushion food, then they have to put something else. It is OK to have fushion sushi, I love them very much.but it is just not right to put Japanese food rest, if they are really not. The sushi police will work on fake rest which they think they serve real Japanese food to see the authencity. Not eliminating fushion sushi!!