Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Non-Newtonian liquid is...corn starch & water ???

Some students in Spain mixed corn starch and water, to create a non-Newtonian liquid - it exhibits the properties of a solid when pressure/stress is applied, but is a liquid otherwise.

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Susan Kuchinskas said...

We did this as kids. It was fun -- and strange to see how an ordinary substance could behave so strangely.

I didn't know I was doing physics.

Venky said...

awesome stuff dude ... I'm thinking - y dont filmmakers use this stuff to shoot more real images of super-ppl running on water ...
I'm going ot try this at home now :)

Sib said...

Well, I have noticed odd effects when I try to use corn starch solutions while cooking, but like you didn't think much of it...

Tell me what Sowmya's reaction will be when you mess up your house trying this !;)