Monday, January 22, 2007 launch...

Announcing the launch of - a grassroots set up launched by people with diverse backgrounds and interests - with the only common threads being an interest in science and in blogging.

But do not be alarmed...we will not stick only to science...we will present thoughts, facts and opinions about any and all topics under the sun.

Here is the press release of the launch...



Scientific research is the latest area of public life to draw the interest of bloggers hoping to shed light on under-reported stories., a grassroots coalition of academics, scientists and science nuts, is the latest, officially launching Jan. 22. It joins Seed Media's, and ScienceNewsBlog in this burgeoning category.

Some science bloggers, whether professional or amateur scientists, are driven by intense interest in topics that may be too niche for major magazines. Others have a point of view that's at odds with the mainstream scientific media. Like all bloggers, they enjoy the freedom to express their opinions that blogging allows.

The IndyScienceblogs crew is indicative. They include:

  • Emily DeVoto, a healthcare consultant who covers policy and news
  • Aleksandr Kavokin, a Russian M.D. with a special interest in unusual medical conditions
  • Susan Kuchinskas, who tracks research on the hormone oxytocin
  • Barry Leiba, an IBM researcher who cherry-picks ideas from many disciplines
  • Ed Minchau, an engineer with a fascination for robots
  • Sibin Mohan, a computer science doctoral student who blogs about everything from movies to philosophy to gadgets
  • Mike White, who brings his expertise in genomics and molecular biology to his posts about cutting-edge research
  • Trisha, who writes about the research involved in women's health issues.
  • And The Beauty Brains, two anonymous cosmetic chemists who decode the mysteries of beauty products

The science blogs trend is good news for the general reader: Bloggers pore through journals, translate arcane scientific data and explain what it means for the rest of us. Full contact information and background for a story on this trend are available, and interviews can be facilitated at your convenience.

You can either visit the webpage regularly or subscribe to the RSS feed. Along the way we hope to amaze you, to make you question, confuse you, simplify matters, have discussions with you or just disseminate some tidbits of knowledge...stay with us on this journey...


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