Monday, February 23, 2009

Will Shakespeare’s 25 Random Things list

Well, many of us thought, analyzed and then poured our hearts out to fill a “25 random things about yourself” or “40 things you don’t know about me”, or a “gazillion things I REALLY didn’t want to know about you” type of lists. So how would it be if the bard decided to make one such list? Fret not, fair maiden (or men or whatever else), here’s just such a list. Some [of my favourite] excerpts:

13 The people that loue my Wordes the best are always the most disappointed vpon meeting me. Is thisse List ouer yet?

15 I deteste it when the Low-Comedians improuise the scenes I writ them… becavse they always make them so mvch fvnnier.

25 When I am feeling Melancholic, I console myselfe with the Knowledge that, aboue all else, I will be remembered for my Musick.

Notice the spelling, of course!

Link thanks to Amit Varma.



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