Thursday, June 17, 2004

Naming Conventions.

What does "Sibin" mean ? Good Question...somewhere along the line, if you do get to know the meaning, then please let me know. Send me a message and I will gratefully try hard not to forget your name. The number of times that I have been asked that, am being asked everyday, and will probably continue to be plagued by the very same question ! sigh ! If I only had a dollar for each time...I don't think the world economy can take that big a hit ! Even people who know me well enough, seem to get back to this very conversation topic..."tax-free" entertainment for them you see !

As one fellow malayalee put it : "Most mallu names are made of two syllables and they don't mean a damn thing !" Cheers ! Applause ! Sniff ! Revelation ! some people are masters at restating the obvious...the very fact has been painfully obvious to me throughout my entire existence ! ;-)

Ah ! why the smiley at the end of the last sentence ? Well, a true friend of mine was very disparaged at my frequent refusals to answer her questions on the origins of my name( how could I answer ? I didn't know ! But then again, one cannot admit that about one's own name, can one ? So, I used to try the enigmatic smile that Gautam Buddha had perfected...he in his nirvana, me in my stupor. The only problem was, any time I really tried that smile, I would creep out half the female population for entire city blocks... ). Anyways, getting back to the topic at hand...she took it upon herself to find a meaning for my name. After tedious searches on Google, which took all of 10 minutes, I should say ( phew ! that's more effort that I have ever put in to find a meaning to my name ), she came back with a revelation ! My name actually means something !

It means "EXISTENCE" in an archaic academic, planned language called Volapuk ! Don't believe me, here take a look at volapuk and the vocabulary where sibin means "existence" !

This opens new doors and greener name means something ! Now, when people ask me: "what the @#$% does Sibin mean ?", I take a laid-back approach, like I'm talking to someone who's from another planet and hasn't even heard of Volapuk, and say..." it means....existence....!"

Then comes the sniggering and the backslapping and all the crude jokes and how I made it, If I only had a dollar for every time I said " don't believe me ? Go look it up in Google"...


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Maria said...

I know this is quite old, but there is another meaning from Bulgarian for the name Sibin - knag, horn.