Thursday, June 17, 2004

Practical Joke ?

Of late, I've been receiving these forwarded messages by email, from various people...with cryptic messages like "Hey, you thought you had a funny name..check this out", and the like ! Well, we mallus are the curious variety, if nothing else...( there's always a malayalee out there who wants to poke his nose into something that ain't his business...well, that's a long story for some other time ). "I've gotta get to the bottom of this, I said"..."what's this funny business with names", I said...went to the blogspot of this guy named sidin ! Whaddaya know ! I thought it must be a practical joke ! Someone ripping me off ! Change one alphabet in my name, and there you have it ! And his posts are popular as well ! Anyways, figured I might as well start a blogspot of my own...see where it leads me ! My talents must not be wasted you see ! :-) I mean, why not use a god-given talent of sarcasm ( dished out in liberal proportions to all malayalees ), and entertain the masses ?

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