Thursday, October 27, 2005

Intelligent Brits ?

The British secret Intelligence service, MI6, or SIS as it is officially known, has decided to set up a recruiting website !

What has the world come to ? How glamorous will a career in intelligence be, if getting a job is as dull as applying online ? Wonder if they take F-1 students ! ;)

I found the following two questions and their responses interesting...

Q: How realistic is the depiction of SIS in the James Bond films ?

A: James Bond, as Ian Fleming originally conceived him was based on reality. But any author needs to inject a level of glamour and excitement beyond reality in order to sell. By the time the filmmakers focussed on Bond, the gap between truth and fiction had already widened. Nevertheless, staff who join SIS can look forward to a career that will have moments when the gap narrows just a little and the certainty of a stimulating and rewarding career which, like Bond's, will be in the service of their country.

And for those of us who are fans of the "Yes Minister" series/books, this will hit a spot...the next question and its answer is a perfect example of civil-servant speak...

Q: How can I complain ?

A: There is an investigatory Powers Tribunal of senior members of the legal profession or judiciary that has been established to investigate complaints by individuals about the conduct of intelligence agencies towards them or about the internception of their communications. Details on how to contact them...

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