Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Jihadis in splits.

Apparently growing splits among jihadis are beginning to undermine the theological and legal justifications for suicide bombings...states an interesting article in the New York Times.

Although this seems to be good for the rest of the world, this is in context of Iraq, where the suicide attacks are aimed at Shiites, just as much as they are aimed at the "occupiers".

In fact, the rest of us may have to be worried just a bit, as this statement suggests...
  • To be sure, the alternatives these critics recommend are no less violent. Rather, many of the movement's dissidents suggest that jihadis diminish their efforts in Iraq and revert to spectacular attacks in the West, like those that took place on Sept. 11.
Yet, light seems to exist at the end of the tunnel...
  • Western governments should encourage the debate among jihadis because, if the promise of absolute salvation through suicide attacks is thrown into question by some within the jihadi movement, potential recruits may come to doubt the wisdom of engaging in such tactics.
Which is one surefire way of bringing down extremists/terrorists of any kind...take away or make them question their ideology.

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