Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Dogs chasing cars...

Scott Adams has an interesting post on his Dilbert Blog, about the Hamas victory in Palestine.

Here is the post...

You know the old joke about the dog that chases cars – “What would he do if he caught one?” I was reminded of that when I read that Hamas won an election victory. I imagine a room full of Hamas leaders looking at each other behind closed doors and saying, “Oh crap, we won.”

And I imagine the Israeli leaders sitting around behind closed doors and saying, “It just got a lot easier to find the people we want to kill.”

I have to think it will be difficult for Hamas to reconcile the whole “destroy Israel” platform with “We’ll all be at the Parliament building at noon talking about how to do it.”

I’m writing this on Thursday the 26th. I predict that Hamas will start softening their position by the time you read this. Or maybe they’ll wait a few weeks just to make it seem like they thought about it. But it’ll happen.

Now, I'm just wondering, if the left front felt the same way, when they won as many seats as they did in India's parliamentary election the last time round. Even they were surprised when they won, and were probably wondering what it is that they could do now...I guess even as they joined the UPA government, their ideologies (or the pathetic excuse that passes for it) was diluted...the noise made by them on the various programmes and ideas of the government seems muted...I guess it is with a sense of shame that one can be anti-establishment and revolutionary, when one is the establishment !

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