Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hello pot, crow're black !

Apparently Inzamam Ul Haq has termed his dismissal in the first ODI at Peshawar as "unsportsmanlike" and "against the spirit of the game" !

Moin Khan, in resplendant fashion, lashes out against Rahul Dravid on the issue...

Just a couple of quick questions...
  • Shoaib Akhtar's throwing action (notice, not bowling...he does not bowl...only throws - it is clearly evident to anyone who watched the ultra slow motion feeds on television) is within the spirit and the laws of the game ?
  • Imran Khan and co's ball-tampering was within the laws of the game ?
At least the Indian team did what they had to do, within the laws of the game...the above instances are really illegal...what say Mr. Moin Khan and Inzy ?

Update : Cricinfo's readers seem to have given Inzy a pasting for his comments...and this incident was also a very defining moment in cricket "history", remembered by one of the readers of Cricinfo...
Unsportsmanlike, Inzamam says, "deplorable" Moin Khan adds. Where was their good sense when they joined the entire Pakistan Team in unison and with full throated ease along with their captain Wasim Akram to appeal against Sachin Tendulkar in the '99 Test at Calcutta when he collided with Shoaib in the second innings after grounding his bat. Sachin was not out then according to both the law and spirit of the game, whereas Inzamam was quite a few paces out of the crease and had a good chance of getting run out if he hadn't patted the ball with his bat.

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