Friday, April 14, 2006

Heart backup.

A Welsh girl had a heart transplant a decade ago, but the with a difference. Her original heart was left in place, to give it some rest ! But apparently, surgeons have removed the implanted heart, and the original one has kicked in and started functioning normally !


As a toddler, Hannah suffered from cardiomyopathy, a condition that made her heart flabby, pump blood weakly and double in size. As a result, she received a piggyback transplant, technically known as a heterotopic transplant, a procedure used when the new organ is very small, when there are doubts about its condition, or when the removal of the native heart would create complicating conditions.

She began to reject the transplanted organ this year, and surgeons removed it on Feb. 20. When they did, they found that her own heart had repaired itself.


The donor heart was placed in the right side of Hannah's chest and connected to her own heart's aorta, right atrium and left atrium. "This means both hearts can pump, but the new heart takes most of the load," the physicians said.

That's one for the synergy between medical science and nature !

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