Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Paedophilia hysteria.

Ask most adults today...especially men, about whether they consciously steer clear of kids for fear of being labelled as "perverts" and you will overwhelmingly receive an answer of "YES!". This hysteria has been brought to the forefront due to a debate currently stirring in England as a result of a 4 year old case...

In 2002, two year old Abigail Rae drowned in a village pond in England. Her case recently revealed an explosive fact...
A passerby was afraid to guide the lost child to safety, for fear of being labelled as a "pervert" !

An excerpt...
Clive Peachey, a bricklayer, drove past a child on her own, whom he later concluded had been Abby. She was not walking straight, she was tottering, said Mr Peachey. "I kept thinking should I go back? One of the reasons I did not go back is because I thought someone would see me and think I was trying to abduct her.
While this freak case ended tragically with the child's death, with many wishing that he had made an effort to restore the child to its parents, precedent in other cases shows that he might have been taking the safe route...for ex., a man who grabbed a girl by the arm to tell her about road safety, when she stepped in front of his car and he had to swerve to avoid her, was labelled as a sex-offender ! An excerpt...
He then got out of his car, took her by the arm and gave her a lecture about how stepping in front of a vehicle is a very bad idea.

The girl ran away, complained to police and Barnaby was charged with - again no joke - attempted kidnapping and child abduction. This is even though he didn't attempt to take the girl anywhere. Barnaby beat those charges.

He was, however, convicted of unlawful restraint of a minor. And in Illinois, that is considered a sex offense.

That means even though he didn't do anything to the kid other than take her by the arm and give her a lecture that might end up saving her life, he must register as a sex offender. He is prohibited from living near a park or school and must keep local police advised as to his place of residence.

He might even get his name and picture in the local newspaper, to advise neighbors they're living near a sex offender.
So tell me, why would any person, particularly a male of the species, go to help a child in distress?

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