Friday, June 09, 2006

New HIV Drug.

A new drug, named PA-457, supposedly prevents HIV from spreading in an infected person and rapidly clears the virus !

The drug called PA-457, which is derived from betulinic acid and comes from by-products from paper manufacturers, is being manufactured and developed by Maryland drug manufacturer Panacos Pharmaceuticals. The drug is known as a
maturation inhibitor, which is a new group of drugs. Its purpose is to break down the protective protein coating of HIV. The drug exposes the inner genetic material by making holes in the coating of the virus essentially causing it to break down and disabling its ability to be passed from one human to the next. The drug also shows that it works on strains of HIV that are resistant to other medications. The drug is
also compatible with other HIV drugs.
"It stops the virus by interfering in one of the final stages in its assembly and stops it from 'budding out' from the wall of a cell"
Since most other medications for HIV is not effective in the long run, let us hope that this solution works.

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