Friday, June 09, 2006

World stupidest criminal!

A would-be robber from Japan probably qualifies...

A would-be Japanese bank robber asked staff how he should carry out the
crime before meekly obeying a request to leave and then accidentally
stabbing himself in the leg with a knife he was carrying.
the man first asked a bank teller, "Any idea how you rob a bank?"
The teller alerted another member of staff, who asked the man to leave.

"He left quietly when asked to," the police spokesman said.

However, the staff member escorting the man out of the bank
noticed the knife sticking out of his pocket and a bloodstain on his

This is the best part...

Police arrested the man for illegal possession of a weapon.

I guess this should go down in history as one of the stupidest things that people can do...wonder if he injured himself in (ahem) certain areas...then who knows ? He might even get nominated and win the Darwin Award for the year.

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