Thursday, August 11, 2005

Neighbour in Need ?

These are the people whom we're supporting against the Maoists ?

Interestingly enough, China gave persmission to use its aerospace, while the Nepalese refused. This in spite of the fact that we gave military aid to Nepal a few months ago, when it seemed like the Maoists were about to take over. And the new king hasn't even reaffirmed Nepal's long-standing support to India's quest for a permanent seat on the UN security council !

Another case in point was the abduction and murder of a BSF officer by the Bangladesh border forces, the BDR ! That fact that both of these small nations owe their existence/origin to India doesn't seem to faze them ! Instead of maintaining good neighbourly relations with "big brother" India, they seem to want to irk us more and more...and successive governments on our side, on the other hand, do not seem to be bothered with responding to such behaviour either ! If these state of affairs continue, I feel that matters will only degenerate from here on, as every tom, dick and harry will feel that he can get away with pulling all sorts of nonsense againts India/Indians !

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