Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Terror...a lot closer home.

At least 700 people were killed in a stampede in Baghdad, as panicky pilgrims crushed each other and jumped of a bridge when rumour spread about a suicide bomber !

The entire idea of instilling terror by heinous acts, so that normal everyday people are forced to change their lifestyles and keep looking over their shoulder, seems to have hit a lot closer home than what I imagine the terrorists had in mind. Since they were busy doling out liberal servings of terror to the western/South Asian (Indian subcontinent) world or to people from those regions, they seemed to have forgotten that people of their own geographic regions and in particular their own faith are just as susceptible to all the propoganda and violence...they being human beings themselves, are vulnerable to panic and hysteria...even if it is supposed to their own "brethren" who are dishing it out.


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