Monday, September 12, 2005

Future of Human Race(s) !

An article by Brad DeLong on his blog about Ongoing Human Evolution seemed interesting enough...but the comments and articles referred to in them caught my eye as well...makes for a very interesting read. Here they are...

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TangoMan said...

For a followup on Dr. DeLong's censorship of informative comments, you may want to look here and here. As one of our commenters noted:

"Delong probably closed the comments not only for ideological reasons. It's likely he also did it out of wounded pride. He's gotta know what principal components are. Given that, reading gcochran and Hsu's comments, he must have had a strong suspicion that he'd been outed as an outright fool."

We covered this topic when the news broke and have the actual papers and maps available so that you, and your readers, can look directly to the source material.