Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Where will this take us ?

Although I have enormous respect for Dr. Manmohan Singh, as a financial genuis and someone with great scruples, I have serious doubts about his foreign policies and issues related to other serious internal affairs.

The reason why this point comes up, right now, is his decision to cut Indian armed forces in Kashmir, after talks with the Hurriyat Conference ! An interesting point from this article was :
  • Ahead of the meeting, 13 people were killed in three separate incidents in Indian-administered Kashmir.
And this is why we agree to cut security forces in the area ?

Dr. Manmohan Singh's speeches in Britain and in the US Congress didn't set well with me either. Seems like a slavish mentality has crept into the Indian administration to win over the western world. I think the politics should be left to peope who can stand firm - either with other countries, or with terrorists and the financial wizards should stick to just that - the economy.

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