Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Memory Lane...

An article by Subir Roy, describing a part of Bangalore that I hold dear to my heart...I can visualise down to the last detail when he talks about Old Madras Rd and the path it is a road that was very close to my house and I have myself travelled on it numerous times...not everything that he mentions about that part of the city is in a positive vein, but then again, who says that memories have to be built of only good is the confluence of images, smells, experiences and people that creates an everlasting, endearing fragment of memory...probably more so, because I no longer live in the city that I love most...Bangalore.

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Palani said...

Nice read dude - very nostalgic. I loved the and sights and smells of this road, especially during festivals and "jathraeys".

Sigh .. those careless days and priceless times.