Thursday, September 29, 2005

Left vs Iran ?

The left front should basically(put in a nice manner), keep its mouth shut ! A party that has no real ideological reason for existence in the modern world, has no other work than to drag itself into issues it doesn't seem to fully understand, or worse, care about ! Sometimes, they shoot their mouths off on inadequate and inaccurate information provided in the media. Here is a classic example of this...

An article in the Hindu, about the left front "registering strong protest" against India's vote on the Iran issue. An excerpt from this article...
  • The Left leaders drew attention to reports in The Hindu that Iran had conveyed to India that the $21-billion liquefied natural gas export deal was off.
First off, we must question the motives of the Hindu in publishing such reports, especially in the wake of contrary, categorical statements from Tehran(here is an article in the Hindu itself, which "reports" this). Secondly, how can the left front rush in with statements based on speculation in a newspaper, and not wait to confirm the facts ? I am not a fan of the UPA government, but when your own "allies" start shooting holes in your policies, I think the central government partnership must be seriously reviewed.

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