Sunday, December 11, 2005

Marriage contract !

Rohit, a software engineer, wanted a new contract, which would be that he have a trial run for one month and then decide about staying in the contract for the longer run. Well, nothing out of the ordinary, eh ? People always look for trial periods for new products and can return them if dissatisfied. But read on...

The guests had started coming in when young Rohini, dressed in her bridal finery, got the call from the man with whom she was about to start a new life.

Only, Rohit Nagpal didn’t see it that way. He wanted a one-month contract to “determine” his would-be partner’s “compatibility”.

If they hit it off, fine; if not, too bad.

A stunned Rohini, who first thought Rohit was joking, ran to her parents. “She was decked up and looking very pretty. She rushed out of the room with tears in her eyes and asked her mother to request the guests to leave as the wedding had been called off,” a relative said over phone from Gurgaon.

Informed of the development, police rushed to Rohit’s Sector 14 house with Rohini’s parents and relatives. But the software engineer remained adamant. If he and Rohini, a master in computer applications whom he had met in Pune, got along well, they could remain man and wife. If not, they would divorce.

Hmmm...what will they think of next ?

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Anonymous said...

He had a medical problem ... Its a pain that he get to knew this just before marriage ..