Thursday, December 01, 2005

Various blogging styles.

According to Mister Snitch, there exist at least seven styles of successful bloggers.

Here is a short version of the list...
  • Meme-du-jour bloggers comment on the high-profile ideas of the moment. This type of blogger is usually focused on political issues.
  • Caterers determine what an audience segment wants to hear, and pursue that theme aggressively.
  • Nichebloggers, aka localbloggers. The subject is usually something the writer is passionate about, or has special expertise in.
  • Internet guides, such as Instapundit, create little original material. Their strength is that they are trusted link finders/filters.
  • The celebrity-blogger is someone whose site traffic comes from fame achieved outside of blogging.
  • The service blogger performs a service, often to the 'Meme' blogger (see 1).
  • The long-tail blogger is the rarest of successful breeds. This style requires consistent blogging over a long period of time (hence the rarity in a fairly new medium).
Original link from Instapundit.

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