Friday, December 02, 2005

Who did you get in your jury ?

People might be lining up to commit crimes to get famous jurors ! Or you may up your street cred in jails, because the next hot topic of discussion would go like...
Prisoner 1: "yeah, you know who was on MY jury...John Kerry! Yeah..."
Prisoner 2: "Oh yeah ! Well, MY jury had George Bush, the President! Beat that..."
Hard to imagine ? Well...apparently GW got his jury duty call up !

This was the response from the White House...
"We have since called the court to inform them that the president has other commitments on Monday, and that he would like to reschedule his jury duty"
Apparently President Bush is busy until 2009...wonder why ?

The above article also discusses how John Kerry was the foreman on a civil case.

Of course, the following sound bite also appeared on the statement issues by the white house...
"One serious note: jury duty is an important civic responsibility. And it's important that people do serve"

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