Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sachin's drill.

An interesting report in the Telegraph...
The Melbourne Grand Hyatt’s managerial staff didn’t identify the guest, but did let it be known (to a limited circle) that she’d actually complained about somebody attempting to “drill a hole” from above her 25th floor room.

That, too, around “1.00 am” on a December night two years ago.

The complaint was serious, but the managers were relieved that the guest directly above the lady’s room was none other than Sachin Tendulkar.

Hmmm...Sachin Tendulkar trying to drill a hole in the floor of his hotel room ? Outrageous eh ? Well, he was on a drill - a batting drill. Apparently he was practicing some batting drills which Greg Chappell had told him about earlier in the day! From the above report, in Chappell's words...

“Earlier that day, Sachin had a one-on-one with me… He hadn’t got many runs in that Test series till then and was very keen to score in the remaining innings (at the MCG and at the SCG)…

“I suggested a few things technically and also that he shouldn’t look for cheap runs… That he ought to build his innings… Given his dedication, Sachin began trying out small adjustments and psyching himself up that night itself… It was incredible,”

Well, he is dedicated...we have all known that for a long time.

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