Thursday, November 10, 2005

Farce ?

Much along the lines of the shooting of a Brazilian electrician following the London subway bombings, it seems like the authorities investigating the recent Delhi bomb blasts also have committed a snafu...

Thankfully, no lives were lost ! Anyways, in India, we have grown hearing stories about how "the Police, if they doesn't find the thief, then they make a thief of whoever they can get their hands on". *

Well, at least that is what it seems like now...who knows how this drama will unfold in the future...for all you know, they may find that perhaps he is the one after all...enough twists and turns to inspire an Ekta Kapoor soap..what say ?

* Crudely translated from Malayalam: "Kallane kittiyilangil, kittiyavane kallanakkum".

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