Thursday, November 17, 2005

Hum do Hamare 17 ?

RSS Sarsanghchalak K S Sudarshan is calling upon fellow Hindus to go forth and multiply: ”produce” at least three children each. And even 17 !

His statements...

  • “Not less than three, you should produce as many as possible (teen se kam nahi, aap jitna jyada kar sakein utna achcha),’’
  • Hindus not to get into the trap of slogans like ‘‘hum do, hamare do’’ and ‘‘hum do, hamara ek’’ so as to to keep the “demographic composition” of India intact.
"What ?" You exclaim...wait...he has logic and mathematics to prove his point...
  • a couple with 12 sons were likely to be survived by a 1,200-strong progeny after 120 years.
  • couple with one with 11 sons would have 1,100 successors
  • Those with three sons, would have 38 descendants
  • couples with two sons would show a zero increase
  • “The family-line of people with one son would be snapped,’’
Apparently the Hindu Munnani had invited him to felicitate the most prolific mother as "veer mata", where else, but in Tamil Nadu. A woman claimed that she had 17 children ! And she was ready to have more, based on his advice ! if the number of Tamilians weren't enough ! ;)


Anonymous said...

I just saw this on a news channel. The man's comments were so stupid that it is scary..

I wonder what the policy for promotion in the RSS is? The ability to abandon common sense.. the ability to not look at issues beyond your nose.. the ability to say the dumbest things in public with confidence..

If the RSS pracharak is the best the RSS can offer.. I shudder to think what the illiterate foot soldier in the ranks must be like.


Sib said...

Hmmm...well, this is a knee-herk reaction to a problem - that of changing demographics. If they want the problem to be solved, an uniform civil code must be enforced across ALL religions - why must people be differentiated under the law because of religion ?

Anonymous said...

Muslims and Catholics will not change. Devout Catholics do not believe in birth control since God instructed man to "go forth and multiply", Muslim Indian resistence to birth control is well known.

Hindus have no chance in this battle.

Anonymous said...


I am sure you know about the position of Catholic deities like Momma Teresa and Poop on Birth control and abortion. The Catholic Chruch's opposition to the use of condoms as means of preventing AIDS is well known.

In comparison the sarsanghchalak comes out as a sane person. The Hindus have no chance of changing Catholic or Muslim beaviour, since breeding like rabbits has the seal of religious approval in their cults and unlike Hindus these people take their scriptures very seriously.

Finally the typical RSS "foot soldier" is more educated and cultured than a bloody rice Chistian can ever dream to be.

Sib said...

Well...I don't think the Catholic church quite suggests the use of Condoms - even to stop AIDS - I think they'de rather focus on "abstinence" !

But that said, just because a religious ideology thrusts ideas like "go forth and multiply" doesn't mean that a "secular" country like India should allow all and sundry to create their own laws and judicial systems in the country - laws/policies etc MUST be common for all religions and it must be enforced if it comes to that, notwithstanding sentiments of any particular community.

Look at the follow up posts related to this topic as well :

Anonymous said...


Currently there are laws in India preventing people from having as many kids as they wish. Given the strength of the pro Muslim lobby no such law will ever be created. This is not a legal issue but a social one. My being a citizen of a secular state does not prevent me from taking personal decisions (how many kids I'll have) based on my religious convictions.

For example the communists one strongly denounced the alarmist projections made by the sangh parivar and claimed that India will become a Muslim majority country a few hundred years later than what the sanghis claim. So, all agree a few centuries later India is set to be an Islamic state.

Muslims plan to breed their way to a majority and we all know how minorities are treated in Muslim majority countries. As soon as Muslim population becomes a bit significant they will start fighting for a seperate homeland, they did that in 47, they will do it again.

Sib said...

Well, I agree that this is also a social/cultural issue as much as a legal one. But legality also comes into question - for example in a country where anything but monogamy is illegal, how come one community can get away with polygamy ? And only because the laws of their religion allow them to do so ? Isn't this perpetuating the problem as well ?

But what is the solution ? If there is one that is...I personally can't think of any particular rational idea that stands out.

Anonymous said...


That is because Indian secularism is a sham.

Notice, that BJP, the party of the Hindu talks of establishing "real secularism".

India is secular only because it is Hindu, a Muslim majority India would be a disaster for all.

Preserving the essentially Hindu nature of Indian society is neccesarry if India is to survive as a pluralist society.

The secular state we have is indifferent about this concern.

Sib said...

Hmmm...most Indian "secularists" are more like "pseudo-secularists". Although I remember that before the BJP came into power, they had major plans for establishing "hindutva" - which they seemed to have abandoned entirely. Most people were concerned, 'cos they didn't understand the hindutva philosophy - it wasn't about religion, but a way of life and not about imposing it on folks...anyways Hinduism is itself a misunderstood philosophy (and not a religion which the popular vew holds). Now no political party of any clout wishes to follow these ideas...all they care about is appeasement ! And some characters tht DO claim to follow them, are extreme right-wing idiots that seem so stupid at times that they bring shame to the entire community !

ANY state where the majority blindly follows ideological edicts of what used to be sects (groups of people following ONE leader's vision) and not the collective wisdom of the ages, is troublesome...

p.s.: may I enquire as to who "anonymous" is ? You can send me an email through the site if you don't wish to disclose it publicly...thanks for the interesting comments/discussion...keep it going !