Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The times they are a changing... said Bob Dylan. Nothing shows it more than the following news article...

On Sunday, Shis Sena supremo Bal Theckeray's nephew’s daughter Neha Gupte, 25, married Mohammad Nabi, 27 !

Some interesting exceprts from the article...
  • The wedding was kept a secret from his famous mama by Vilas Gupte. “I haven’t had the courage to tell him yet, but I’m sure Bal mama will bless the couple,” said Gupte, an anxious but proud father, at the reception.
  • By all available reports, the bride converted to Islam and had a nikaah three months ago at Bandra (West), a posh Mumbai suburb. “They had the nikaah three months ago in Bandra, which was attended by Neha’s friends,” confirmed Mohammed Qayoom, the groom’s brother.
  • The bride and her father are denying the conversion. Asked if she changed her religion for the nikaah as is mandatory, Neha smiled and said: “I don’t need to convert, I have a very adjusting husband.”

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