Monday, November 07, 2005

Kashmiri Indifference ?

Barkha Dutt writes in the Hindustan Times, about the Kashmir earthquake.

I found the following line hitting me the worst...

  • why was it that the desolation of coastal fisherfolk in Tamil Nadu had managed to sear through the thick wall of urban indifference, but here in Kashmir, we were still struggling?
Particularly so, because during what was supposed to be a "casual" discussion over a daily coffee ritual with some friends, something similar came up and it was jarring - none of us had given any thought to organise fund-raising/relief efforts for the Kashmir earthquake victims ! But all of us had contributed/worked towards efforst for most other recent calamities that struck India and even the US (post-Katrina).

How come everyone forgot ? Is Kashmir missing from our collective thoughts on an everyday basis ? Why the apathy...sadly, I have no answer, 'cos I am party to that crime myself...


dc said...

so am I
Its sad but true that we very conveniently forget Kashmir and Northeast in these issues.
When we talk about Pakistan and Chinese aggression they are in top of our list with a tag that they are
integral part of India.
Well, they are very much integral part
of India.
tried of typing damn it
all i want to say there shouldn't be
any indifference
God bless them all

dc said...

I meant tired :)