Monday, November 28, 2005

If Bangladesh has such high rates of development... the Human Developement Report suggests, then how come so many Bangladeshis are illegally crossing over to India ?

So, somewhere something is wrong !


Rezwan said...

Interesting question.

Infact the loophole is the lax border security in both the sides. The barbed wire fencing might be a deterrent, we will have to see its usefulness.

Another thing is that it is very easy to get a ration card or passport in India. So people are taking this opportunity. Its not that these people are forced to get out of Bangladesh.

Some migrations are still happening because a large no of population has some relatives in either part. Now, because of the economic disparities migrants are preferring to move to India. If the economic conditions becomes better in Bangladesh in future, we may expect a reversal of the situation.

With this fluid population, you need to put a valve and proper filters to monitor the actualmovement and deter the unwanted ones. Its not so easy as you think. Indian politicians crave for these people to be around when the election comes and then after the election cries wolf for their repatriation. They would be forced to hit the base whenever the politics with them are stopped. And for this it is imperative that Bangladesh develops in all aspects not being far behind of India.

One of the reason behind Indira Gandhi's decision to help Bangladesh liberate is the migrant refugee issue.

Sib said...

I agree that the economic conditions of the migrants and want of a better life is what drives many of them to cross over. And of course the politicians in West Bengal who thrive on the support of these migrant populations - these factors combine to present the thought that perhaps the problem may never really be solved. This is very similar to the US-Mexico border situation. But the illegal border crossings are also seriously affecting the demogaphics of India .

Indira Gandhi's decision to liberate Bangaldesh had to do with various factors : the illegal crossings and the humanitarian situation prevalent at the time - the Pakistani army didn't give much regard for Bangaldeshi rights and meted out harsh treatments to people who were supposed to be their own citizens.

My question was targeted at the report itself - they have such a limited world view of matters in the region, that they fail to see the global picture and associated problems - the migration issue for example.